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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amore e psiche Tributo a Canova - Love and Psiche Master tibute to Canova

OSWOA - ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR - OSWOA By Loredana Mariotto - Mles"Amore e Psiche"Master Tribute to Antonio Canova

This is an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR , not a print,painted on 140 lbs / 300gsm FABRIANO Watercolor paper.

To paint this OSWOA I used Winsor & Newton Artist's colors.The size of the paint is of 4 x 6 inchesabout 10 x 15 cm.

This OSWOA has a little white border to allow a better framing, on request, it can be cut.
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This is a tribute to the Master Antonio Canova. Here I reprouced in Monochrome watercolor, the marble statue "Amore e Psiche", Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss), commissioned in 1787 was ended in 1793, it's showed now in Paris at Louvre Museum.In this statue we can see the two bodies lie in a pyramidal shape that are opposed by Cupid's wings and creates a perfect balancement.This statue exemplifies the Neoclassical obsession for love and emotions.It represents the god Cupid (Amore) in the act of love and tenderness, right after awakening the lifeless Psyche with a kiss, a scene excerpted from Lucius Apuleius' novel The Golden Ass. It's a masterpiece of its period, it appeals to the senses of sight and touch, yet simultaneously alludes to the Romantic interest in emotion co-existing with Neoclassicism.Every month the Watercolor Wet and Wild promote a Master rendition, this month, for Valentine's Day, we decide to add a theme: Love and kisses, always looking at the Master's artwork.
To see more of our works, search for MLES.
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