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P.S. I forgot to ask you to be patient with me, I write in english but that's not my mother tongue, and believe me, I try to do my best to express my thoughts and feelings.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A little world - ACEO

This month's Theme Week of the ACEO E-bay group is "snowglobes"
I enjoyed so much painting this little mices and imagine them alive inside the globe.

About This Piece:
Watercolor on 140 lbs Canson Paper painted with Winsor & Newton artist's paint, black indian ink and white water base marker
-:¦:- »-(¯`v´¯)-» -:¦:- -:¦:- »-(¯`v´¯)-» -:¦:- -:¦:- »-(¯`v´¯)-» -:¦:-
What's a snowglobe if not a little world.

The fortunes of snowglobe isn't in the object itselfs it's in what you can see inside, a little world that makes you dream and brings your mind into a tale, a moment that keeps life and tousands snowflakes steal a wisheper.

Our little mices are still skating, as time goes by you shake the globe and can still say "Look it's snowing!!!"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Is this really for Santa?" - ACEO

I painted this on the wave of the Holy season.
Some years ago I bought my sons a terrific book by Nick Butterworth called "Jingle bells", also now that both are quite big they coninue to ask me to read the story for them and I love to this because it has so many beautifyl images.
This is why I associate the Holy Season with mices.
I hope you'll like this my new little ACEO called "Is this really for Santa?".

Watercolor on Fabriano 140lbs paper painted with Winsor & Newton artist's paint.

In the house everybody's sleeping... waiting for the old nice man. The dark is enlighten only by a candle that shines in the night. A shadow comes through the living room and reaches the ligh attracted by the sweet fragrance of the gingerbread biscuits and coffee. Maybe a taste... but: "Is this really for Santa???"

Friday, November 14, 2008

New York Santa - ACEO

ACEO - Watercolor on Fabriano 140lbs Artist's paper painted with Winsor & Newton Artist paints.

Three years ago, me and my family went to New York for a Christmas short vacation. It was our first time in USA and everything sounded so special and so different from home. Manhattan was a "tourbillon" of colors the trafic was terrific, and people was so frenetic in their christmas shopping.

We walked for miles and our feet were burning by this, but we stood outside from 7 o'clock in the morning, 'till midnight trying to see everything an all.

This Santa Clause remained in my mind, and I painted him in the way I can remember, because he was the only person remained in the street in a lonely night, shaking his bell in a corner of a street. I talk with him for a while with both my two children watching as if was dialing with a ghost!

You tube... to enter in the Holy Season

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Mom, can I keep it? - ACEO

ACEO 3,5" x 2,5"

Watercolor on Fabriano 140lbs Artist's paper painted with Winsor & Newton Artist paints.

What can a poor little girl do when she finds a poor little cat abandoned in the street???
No replay, please. We're enough in this home!


Let's go home - ACEO

ACEO 3,5" x 2,5"
Watercolor on Arches 140lbs artist paper painted with Winsor & Newton Artist paints.

All over the world, at Christmas time we can see little mouses busy in the research of the "Perfect Christmas Tree".
Obviously anyone wants to have the most beautiful, this is why the hunt starts very early in the season.
Our mice has been very lucky and found the one that fits to his ideal, the main work now, is to drag it at home, the main hard work!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Down The Hill - ACEO

ACEO 3,5" x 2,5"
Watercolor in Fabriano 140lbs artist paper. Painted with Winsor & Newton Artist's paints.
In a winter sunny day, what's better than sliding down the hill with your wood-sleigh?
This little mouse knows that so well and enjoyes the winter wonderland.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome new Mister president

I woke up this morning and I discover that not only USA have a new President, but the whole world has someone new to watch with faith and hope.

I decided I had to give my tribute to him

ACEO Watercolor on Fabriano 140 lbs Paper

Three Peppers - ACEO

ACEO 2,5 x 3,5 inches - Watercolor on Fabriano Artist's paper.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cinnamon Tea - ACEO

This is an ACEO I made for the E-bay ACEO Group's Theme Week Contest of this month "Beverage Containers".

A little seasonal ACEO, I painted my "Antico Ginori" teapot.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sleigh Bell - ACEO

The weather is getting worst and worst and the days go shortening. This will bring me slowly to my favourite time of the year... Christmas.
It's a long preparation, my mood changes while the wonderful time arrives and I really want it to come.
This is my first paint for the Holy Season and I love it, it's a Wallace's Sleigh Bell, an object I've always loved, a sweet sound, so big to handle, a joyful object!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleigh dogs

Feeling a little better I painted this inspired by the coming season.

Watercolor on FAVINI Torchon 350gms/180lbs w/c paper. Painted with Winsor & Newton Artist's paints.

While I was in San Sicario I could see the training set of this wonderful dogs, there's a special feeling between those dogs and their owner that amazes anyone that has the occasion to see both working together.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The world's crisis

I'm not painting in this days, well a couple of little things were made and I'll post it soon, but my mood is following this world crisis and painting is difficult to me when all around I hear bad feelings.

On Tuesday it will start the University course, again, it will be my 3rd year and wasn't sure if I was attending or not, but actually I need a little support and this can come also through the entire group of watercolor artists.

I know that my blog has just a few reader, but if you are here and want to ad a comment it will be very appreciated.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Edible Mushroom ACEO EBSQ WnW

ACEO 2,5 x 3,5 inches - Watercolor on Fabriano Artist's paper.
Original is available at

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Rainbow of colors - ACEO


ACEO 2,5 x 3,5 inches - Watercolor on Fabriano Artist's paper.

Three Carrots - ACEO

ACEO 2,5 x 3,5 inches - Watercolor on Fabriano Artist's paper.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gone fishing - Andato a pescare.

Watercolor 12 x 7.5 inches

This is a watercolor on Favini 180lbs artist paper. It's painted with Winsor & Newton artist paints. I painted this piece form a reference photo I took this summer while I brought my sons fishing in a mountain lake. We don't have SPAM here in Italy so I had to substitute the plastic tin we had just follow the "strange " title of this month's show. I'm not here to tell how much We all enjoed fishing and eating the trouts this summer, what I really didn't like was to have to put the worms on the hook.!

First time to the Theatre - La prima volta al teatro.

Watercolor on Favini Artist 180lbs paper. 10 x 13 inches.

Viewing an opera performance is one of the things that each of us should do once in their lives. The atmosphere that there you can breathe, is so different from any other place in the world, that almost one can think of being catapulted into an other time in the past. Each time I enter a theater can still remember the first time I went there and I and feel the pleasure of being in a place that will never change.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Whispers only"

Watercolor 13 x 10 inches on Favini 150lbs artist's paper - Winsor & Newton artist Paints.

Taking inspiration from Patience's art works has been very exiting because her art works are so various that each one could have been the good-one.
I ended onto this three ballet dancers, like Patience I love dance and the "bohemienne" air you breath in theatres.
I liked also Patience's hand ability in sculpting with the papier mache.
I was impressed by those three masks, very similar to those used in the ancient Greek theatre's representations.
I mixed this two subject and I'm really satisfied by the result.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The loot of a walk - To my Granny

This swatercolor is painted on Fabriano 140lbs artist's paper with Winsor & Newton artist paints. When I was a child, I used to spent my summer time with my Grandmother in the south of Italy. Over there ’t was an explosion of flowers colors and fragrances, and always there I learnt to recognize the different flowers that I preferred, passionflowers, oleanders and bougainvilleas of course. Every morning my granny and I went outside for a long walk to reach the center of the town and do our food shopping at the open market, the heat killed me each time, the only relief we had was to stop and sit on a little wall under the warm shadows of the flowered trees. What happened next I’m a bit embarrassed to tell, but she always lengthened her hand and picked a little bunch of flowers for the table. That was the loot of the walk! My Granmother's passed away this winter at the considerable age of 95, and I love to fly with my mind at the time when we could stay longer together.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

La mia paletta di colori - My color's palette

this is my color palette, greens on the left browns on the right!

"Stay Cool - Old needs new technologies" "Stai fresco - vecchi bisogni nuove tecnologie" EBSQ

This is a watercolor painted appositely for the EBSQ "cahtch the breeze" show on 5 x7 inches Fabriano 140 lbs Watercolor paper. I used Winsor & Newton watercolor and Indian black ink.

Speaking about fans my mind runs immediately to those painting seen inside the Pyramids or Egyptian tombs where you could see the Pharaoh with his slaves making him air with big fans made of leaves.
Since than, what’s changed?
In two words: nothing and all!
The need to stay cool is the same. The technology how we do that… it is all an other world!
This watercolor represents a portable fan and its battery, an interesting object to handle in those hot days when neither a leaf moves on the trees.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Italian Nursery Rhymes "The beautiful Washer Woman - La bella lavanderina"

This piece is made after an Italian Nursery Rhyme called "La Bella Lavanderina" that translated is: The Beautiful Washerwoman.
All the kids learn this little song at the daycare.
The rhyme talks about a beautiful washer woman that wash the poor people's handkerchief. And she jumps and jumps and makes bows and penitences (don't know why!) in the end she gives kisses to people she loves.

Doodle Squirrel ACEO

This is a squirrel I draw while I was at the telephone with my friend Gabriela... So you see that telephone's chit & chats can produce great works!
A doddle is something that you produce while you're not thinking too much at what you're doing (like while you talk to the telephone or you listen a boring lesson at school) and some times you realize that it is a well produced piece of art.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Nun - Unmentionable - La suora allegra

This watercolor was made for this moth EBSQart Show - Unemtionables Underwear
its' a squared art 5.5 x 5.5 inches painted on Arches 14olbs paper.

There's a story below it:
There’s a way to say here in Italy that says:” The dress doesn’t make the monk”…
This paint is inspired by a fact really happened to me when I was a young girl and used to spend some days during the summer with my friend Emanuela at her home near the sea in Tuscany. One day, I was hanging up my bikini after coming home from the beach and saw a nice g-string (quite innovative at that time) hanged there, as neither me, my friend or her mother used to use this kind of underwear I asked who was the owner of this garment. The replay to my question was like a frozen shower to me, because I discovered that the owner was my friend’s aunt that was in vacation there too. What shocked me was that the aunt was quite old and that she was a nun!!! That’s quite unmentionable and if I hadn't seen it with my eyes I would difficult have believed this, in this case we can say: “the dress doesn't make the nun”

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picking cherries in pecetto - Torino Italy

Watercolor on Favini 150 lbs watercolor paper
15 x 12 inches

This is a watercolor I made for a show in my local Univeristy whose Theme was Pecetto and its traditions and landscape.
Well, Pecetto is an ancient village on top of a hill. The zone around is full of cherry trees ans I prefered to focus my imagination on the pick-up moments in spite of most people that pointed on monuments and old walls.
In the background I've sketched the village surrounded above by the Alpes scenary, in the center is the Monviso where the Po river has its source.

I'm experincing new way to paint, more water and lights effects.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Edelweiss from Heaven - Bookmark

I listed this today in e-bay, nothing special but I love bookmarks and I use remnant pieces of paper to do those.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweet temptation - ACEO

ACEO 3,5 x 2,5 Watercolor on ARCHES 140 lbs cotton paper - Winsor and Newton artist paints.
I made this ACEO for the April Nibblefest Art Contest (NFAC).

This month's theme is "Reptiles".
I don't like much snake and am lucky enough to live in a snake-free land. We have one only exception and it si vipers. Viper live in mountain, near little rivers, and I take a great care to stay miles away from that danger places!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Medieval Castle - Turin - WIP 7

This is the final paint.
Just want to say that compared to the one before (WIP 6) I enlarged the bushes along the river because were a little too small if compare to the rest of the draw.

Thank-you for looking.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


ACEO (size 2,5 x 3,5 inches) on grain satinè 140 lbs ARCHES watercolor paper.painted with Winsor and Newton artist's watercolors.

This ACEO was painted after the Wednesday Watercolor Challange of the Daily Watercolor group.
The theme this week is "LIFE BEGINS"
At first I thought to paint something about the new coming season, Spring is the reborn season and it could have fit fine in it.
But also my younger son Davide is born in this period and Spring remainds me that sweet moment.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Signs of Spring - Segni di Primavera

I know, I'm late, for my Wednesday Watercolor I started it yesterday morning but couldn't end it in the afternoon. I did it today and here it is!
ACEO - 2,5" x 3,5"
Watercolor on 14o lbs Arches grain satinè.
I got inspired by the sparrows that are just arriving here and by the cherry trees that are typical in my zone, blossoms are all over also if the weather is making jokes and is warm one day and frozen the day after.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Watercolor paint 11 x 15 inches on 140 lbs/300gms Arches Cold pressed paper
This is my Goddoughter Caterina, this portrait is taken form a picture of her on the first birthday. I've always had a special love for children portraits , I like their expressive faces and expecially the look of their eyes.

Questo è un ritratto fatto alla mia figlioccia che si chiama Caterina.
E' il suo regalo di battesimo, fatto riferndomi ad una sua foto che vedete in basso.

Amore e psiche Tributo a Canova - Love and Psiche Master tibute to Canova

OSWOA - ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR - OSWOA By Loredana Mariotto - Mles"Amore e Psiche"Master Tribute to Antonio Canova

This is an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR , not a print,painted on 140 lbs / 300gsm FABRIANO Watercolor paper.

To paint this OSWOA I used Winsor & Newton Artist's colors.The size of the paint is of 4 x 6 inchesabout 10 x 15 cm.

This OSWOA has a little white border to allow a better framing, on request, it can be cut.
.•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•.

This is a tribute to the Master Antonio Canova. Here I reprouced in Monochrome watercolor, the marble statue "Amore e Psiche", Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss), commissioned in 1787 was ended in 1793, it's showed now in Paris at Louvre Museum.In this statue we can see the two bodies lie in a pyramidal shape that are opposed by Cupid's wings and creates a perfect balancement.This statue exemplifies the Neoclassical obsession for love and emotions.It represents the god Cupid (Amore) in the act of love and tenderness, right after awakening the lifeless Psyche with a kiss, a scene excerpted from Lucius Apuleius' novel The Golden Ass. It's a masterpiece of its period, it appeals to the senses of sight and touch, yet simultaneously alludes to the Romantic interest in emotion co-existing with Neoclassicism.Every month the Watercolor Wet and Wild promote a Master rendition, this month, for Valentine's Day, we decide to add a theme: Love and kisses, always looking at the Master's artwork.
To see more of our works, search for MLES.
.•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•. ¤ .•:*¨¨*:•.

"The Margaria Farm" - "La cascina Margaria - TO"

Title: "The Margaria Farm" This is an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR , not a print, painted on 140 lbs 300gsm ARCHES cold pressed and acid freeWatercolor paper . To paint it I used Winsor & Newton Artist's colors. The size of the paint is of 12 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches. This paint has a white border all around, this allows a better framing of it. ABOUT THIS PAINT This is the "Margaria Farm" located not far from my home here in Italy. It lyes in a wonderful hill's zone, all around it's surrounded by vineyards. Today it hosts a restaurant and there you can buy biologic vegetables and fruit, but ince upon a time it was the house of the typical farmers, composed of many families living all together.

WAITING IN THE SHADOW - In attesa nell'ombra

ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Painted on ARCHES 140 lbs watercolor paper
This is a baby ballet dancer waiting for her turn in dance’s rehearsal, the hours are long and sometimes boring, so she spend her time looking at the other girls trying and trying their dance step… until her teacher calls and : “Oh, it’s apt to me!”
I invite you to visit my ebay ME page to know something about me and see all my auctions here