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Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleigh dogs

Feeling a little better I painted this inspired by the coming season.

Watercolor on FAVINI Torchon 350gms/180lbs w/c paper. Painted with Winsor & Newton Artist's paints.

While I was in San Sicario I could see the training set of this wonderful dogs, there's a special feeling between those dogs and their owner that amazes anyone that has the occasion to see both working together.


Lori Andrews said...

This is beautiful Lore, I saw it only later in WnW. Great job! This technique you've used is a difficult one for me. :)

Loredana said...

Lori, thanks for coming here and visit my blog. I'm still in the doubt of what's better: a more realistic painture or a watery kind. So I'm swinging here and there to see what I love the best anf trying to feel the paint with my soul better than with my purse! LOL

Leola said...

Wow, you've captured the essences of the huskies beautifully. You can practically feel them pulling at the harness to get going!


黃立行Stanley said...

so cute!:)))))I love it! That's actually really cool!