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This is my blog, I paint in watercolor media, that's my way, that's what I am.

No favourite subject, just my fantasy and what life suggests me.

I paint also commission, contact me directly for that.


P.S. I forgot to ask you to be patient with me, I write in english but that's not my mother tongue, and believe me, I try to do my best to express my thoughts and feelings.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Works in progress

The works under the roof are going well, the home painters are working hard and soon (I hope before Friday) everything will be tainted.
In the meantime I worked on some drawings to prepare the next paintings:

- The portrait of Aimee for the EBSQart Portrait swap 09.
- A few ACEO to be ready for Christmas time.
-The November Challange of my WnW (Watercolor Wet & Wild).

Now that the decorators are working upstairs, I planned to stay down working with colors on my drawings... Guess what???
My watercolor box is under the plastic cover you see on the table in the picture, all well taped not to be ruined, and I'm here wondering why the hell I was so stupid to left it there!


Vicki Greene said...

You were not stupid, you were just protecting your favorite things.

Lee said...

That's something I would have done Lore :D

DEB said...

LOL! You crack me up Loredana! What an interesting and fun space you have...Will this be your studio when it's finished? Lucky you!

Renee said...

Sweet friend, you make me laugh that the watercolors are under the tarp, I can see you everyday wanting to get to them.

Love Renee xoxo

Loredana said...