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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Call for artists.

While strolling in Facebook's highways I discovered this "call for artists", due to its title I entered to have a look. I was fashinated by the subject, a strong and deeply thoughful (is it allowed to say "thoughful"?) topic for a painting challange.
The title is "A BOOK ABOUT DEATH", cool isn't it?

I wasn't sure I would have entered in this cyclopic attempt, but this seed has put roots in my brain, and now roots are in my stomach and I'm thinking that I WANT to do it.

I went in contact with its promoter, Mr. Rose, and he asked me to translate the descriprion of the exibition in italian, which I did pleasently because I feel that the more we are the better it is.
The exibition will be in New York at the EMILY HARVEY FOUNDATION.

What's nice its that you don't have to bring your paint there, and the originals remains in your property, so anyone from everywhere can partecipate.

I invite you to have a look at the prospect and eventually to join it!

I'd like to hear and see what you think about death, having lost the last year 3 very dear persons I'm very much into this subject, have you ever thought to paint the death?
The feelings it brings to you?
Don't you feel that we just avoid to talk about death because it's too much sad, too much personal???
I hope to see some of your feeling popping out in your blog and in the one of the exibition too.
Thanks for reading.

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Vicki Greene said...

Thank you for sharing this.