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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stealing Candies - NFAC

I listed today in E-Bay NFAC (Nibblefest art Contest) this paint.
The NFAC is monthly themed art contests. Contests run from the 20th to the 27th of every month. All artwork is listed at 99¢ with no reserve!

This is my entry.

"Stealing Candies" 5 x 7 inches Watercolor on Fabriano paper.
Click Here to place a bid

What happens when everybody's out of home busy at work and at school?
Have you ever wondered why your children continue to deny the disappearance of such an amount of candies from the sideboard?
Here is revealed the true truth!

Work in Progress


Diavma said...

I love to see how images progress. You've chosen a fun subject, perfect for the freshness of watercolour. Good luck with the sale... Di

Vicki Greene said...

This is wonderful. I love it. Fun, creative, colorful.

DEB said...

What a wonderful painting, and WIP Loredana! This art needs to sell for much more than 99 cents!!!! I'm putting a watch on it. I'll protest if it goes for that little!

Loredana said...

Thanks Di, Vicki and Deb.

Deb I hope that bids will grove, but the fun of NFAC is that you offer your art to those that can't afford high prices.

Theresa Bayer said...

What a delicious and playful piece, and the WIP part is lots of fun. Hope you get a great price for it on Nibblefest!

Loredana said...

Theresa thanks a lot, I keep my finger crossed :P.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I see these little guys hang out at your house too! Very fun.

Loredana said...

LOL yes, that's really fun!

r garriott said...

Ah ha! So THAT'S where the candies go!! I love your humorous painting, Loredana, it's really fun.