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Monday, May 11, 2009

Flowers, Flowers... and more Flowers

This is not my favourite subject to paint, (if I ever had one LOL).

But here are the works I delivered for Francesca's First Communion.
The only fact that she loved all was just a prize for me!

Ninphea 6x4 inches (10x15 cm)

Wild Rose 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)

Fucsia 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)

Rose 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)

Apple Flower 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)

Tropical flower 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)

Tulips 6x4 inches(10x15 cm)


Vicki Greene said...

These are wonderful! I really like how they are all painted with the same colors and same framing. It is very hard to chose a favorite but I think the water lily or the peony or ..........

DEB said...

Loredana - I'll go back to Catholicism again if you deliver flowers to ME!!! :)

These are beautiful. How are you these days? Seems like ages since we've swapped anything!

Loredana said...

Thanks so much Vicki and Deb.

Vicki, I can't even chose whic one of this is my favorite :)

Deb, I miss swapping too, I hope to be able to come back soon in the ACEO group, while that, keep tuned!

Viaggiatrice said...

Wow Loredana! Those flowers are looking great!!!

Renee said...

These are all so beautiful and what a lucky little girl to have such lovely gifts for her first communion.

Renee xoxo

r garriott said...

These are very lovely! I am surprised that you say they are not a favorite, because you paint them so well. A very generous gift indeed!

Erika Nelson said...

beautiful collection Lore each one so unique and feminine!

Carol said...

Well, you did a great job even if it's not your choice! I can see why she loved them!